Canadian Database and Social Media Recruiting Programs

About The Marskell Group:

Ken & Paula Marskell founded the Marskell Group over 25 years ago to help match Canadian healthcare professionals with Hospitals, Nursing Homes and other employers looking for candidates. Through annual Career Fairs in dozens of Canadian cities, they grow at one point to include England and Puerto Rico. Since retiring a year ago, The Marskell Group continues to grow and evolve to help Exhibitors reach healthcare candidate throughout North America.

Canadian Database and Social Media Recruiting Programs:

In addition to our traditional Healthcare Career Fairs we have developed a turn-key Canadian recruiting marketing program targeting our various databases in conjunction with state of the are Social Media integration. Working closely with your Marketing Department and Recruiting Team, we help customize your unique recruiting message without adding additional work for your teams.

Mailing Lists:

Our proprietary Career Fair Attendee mailing lists contain several 1,000’s of healthcare professionals in the Greater Toronto area. Thousands more are located further out within Ontario and across other parts of Canada. Additionally, we have a 5,000+ Canadian Registered Nurses database, of which 3,500 reside in Ontario. The experience of this group is tremendous; most with 6 years or more in their various specialties. 3 customized mailings to these groups are included in the program.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Outreach:

The secret to our successful marketing programs lies in our omni-channel approach. Not only do we target healthcare candidates with customized traditional email campaigns, but we integrate advanced social media through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This multi-touch integration and social media component help our clients reaches candidates well beyond our database.

Customized Landing Page:

To highlight our clients unique hiring opportunities and core values we can direct the candidate to a customized website landing page, and at the same time alert your designated recruiting team. This approach makes the candidate feel appreciated and important compared to most hospital systems’ sterile career sites. It also automatically tracks and captures the digital connection for improved reporting, tracking and candidate follow up. Fully Automated Scheduling: Through our customized landing page we can screen each potential recruiting candidate based on your exact hiring needs. If the candidate meets your specified criteria the system automatically schedules interviews during your designated time blocks. This can be done for onsite interviewing, if targeting a specific city, or setup for Skype or other virtual interview options.

Engagement Timeline:

Our customized recruiting projects are generally 60 to 75 days in duration. Prior to the program launch date 15 to 30 days are normally required to define the project scope and set up the perimeters, goals and approve customized marketing material to be used.

Engagement Fee:

Our base engagement fee varies by client needs and what program options best fits their recruiting goals. The fully automated scheduling option, selected by most of our clients, carries a separate fee. We also receive a small fee for each hired recruit within 365 days of the program launch.

You will find our total fee to be substantially below most staffing firms, and a tremendous savings compared to just one travel nurse likely filling many of your open positions.