Job Fair Questions

1. Who will be exhibiting at the event? What regions will they be representing?

We will continue to include in our emails and advertising who the employers are in advance, so you can know who is coming and plan appropriately. Exhibitors can be from across Canada, the U.S. and even International. A complete list will be sent to you upon request.

2. Can I bring others with me?

You are welcome to bring your spouse/significant other or parent. We are encouraging parents to leave your children with a sitter if possible. We ask that you please remember that this is about your career and the career of others attending. Please consider others.

3. If I can register at the event, what are the benefits of pre-registering?

It helps us if you pre-register so that we know the approximate number of persons attending so that we can better plan the event around you. Those who do pre-register in advance enter draws for cash and prizes and can avoid having to fill out a registration form at the door. Bonus draws are available when you bring friends and co-workers with you. Entrance is free to qualified professionals. To register you can click HERE

4. I pre-registered online and printed out the form. Now what do I do?

For those who registered and received or printed out their confirmation form, it is essential you bring it with you to the event, otherwise you will be asked to register again. We thank those who helped us develop this new registration approach. It allows us to get you through the registration process a lot quicker.

5. What takes place during the ‘Town Hall’ panel?

Town Hall Panel is scheduled for the first hour in each city. This gives you an opportunity to find out what is happening around the world in the Health Care profession. During this period an open floor question answer period also takes place. Exhibits open following. Coffee and tea will be available during morning hours.

6. I am interested in receiving a tote bag! When are they being distributed at the event?

Tote bags are given out to attendees subject to availability and advertised. If tote-bags are scheduled to be handed out at your event, it will be given out in allotments of 50, with the first 50 being given out when registration opens, and the second 50 being given out at the halfway point of the event. Tote Bags are not given away at all events. Please check for availability in the advertised details.

7. I am not a Registered Nurse. Is this job fair useful for me or is it only for nursing professionals?

Please note that this event is not just about Nursing. We have had many requests from exhibitors about Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Technologists, Radiologists, and many more. Can you please let these others know? Tell a friend about it!

8. Will there be any hardcopy listing of the companies that will be exhibiting at the event?

All attendees will receive copies of the Event Program Magazine at no cost. You will also be able to view this copy Digitally on your comuter. Details will be made available. Complete contact information of the employers as well as a message from each employer will also be expanded to include specific reference to the occupations that each employer wants to meet and talk with. There will also be other publications and information available to you at the event and they are all free.

9. I work for another recruitment company. Can I meet and talk with the exhibitors about other business ventures?

No solicitation is allowed under any circumstances. This is a Job Fair for Nurses and Allied professionals and is a serious matter. On floor staff will patrol aisles to ensure job seekers are supported in their efforts to speak to the employers. If you are looking for specific booths or locations please use the floor staff to help guide you.

10. I cannot attend the job fair. Can I still submit a cover letter or resume to the exhibitors?

If unable to attend you can forward resumes for exhibitors via fax, email or mail to the address detailed below. We will see they get passed to exhibitors who may call you before the event. Also, if you have changed your address in the last year, please let us know so we can direct our publications to you.

11. I pre-registered but was unable to attend the event. What do I do?

Following the Job Fair we will send out an broadcast email to all the attendees including those who have indicated that they were unable to attend, which will detail the employers who were in attendance as well as a link to their web site so you can continue your communication.

12. I have a group of fellow students that wish to attend but the distance makes it impossible for us to attend. Can you help with possible transportation?

Groups are welcome to attend from universities and from a distance. We will help when we can with buses or gas allowance when car pooling takes place.

13. I am not currently interested in relocating or searching for a job elsewhere. I am happy where I am currently working.

Remember that to attend you need not be planning a career search immediately. Come and check out what is going on elsewhere and what opportunities and options are open to you. Your career is the most important thing to you beside your family. Be selfish and take a day for you.